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You have done Vince Gill proud, my dear. It was the most beautiful rendition of a song ever performed.

Kelly Clarkson covered the song “Go Rest High On That Mountain”, originally recorded by Vince Gill. The song was included on Clarkson’s 2013 “Greatest Hits – Chapter One” album.

Clarkson’s version of the song features her powerful vocals and a more stripped-down arrangement compared to the original. The lyrics speak of finding peace and rest in heaven after a life of struggle and hardship on earth.

The cover was praised by critics and fans alike for Clarkson’s emotional delivery and ability to capture the essence of the song. The song also became a staple in Clarkson’s live performances, showcasing her range and versatility as a singer.

Overall, Clarkson’s cover of “Go Rest High On That Mountain” is a touching tribute to the original version by Vince Gill and a testament to Clarkson’s vocal talent and ability to bring new life to classic songs.

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