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An 11-Year-Old Performed an Elvis Classic on Stage and Sounded Like the King Himself.

Angelina Jordan is a Norwegian singer known for her soulful and mature voice despite her young age. One of her most popular performances is her rendition of the Elvis Presley classic “It’s Now or Never”.

In the video of her performance, Angelina stands alone on a dimly lit stage, wearing a long white dress and barefoot. As she begins to sing, the audience is immediately captivated by her rich, bluesy tone and impeccable control. Her voice fills the room with emotion as she effortlessly navigates the song’s difficult runs and high notes.

Despite her young age, Angelina delivers a performance that is both powerful and nuanced, channeling the raw emotion of the song while showcasing her incredible vocal range. It’s no wonder that her performance of “It’s Now or Never” has garnered millions of views and made her a rising star in the music industry.

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