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Kelly Clarkson featured Kansas Highway Patrol officers in a collaborative performance of “Stand By Me” at her concert

Kelly Clarkson created a memorable moment during her concert when she invited two Kansas Highway Patrol officers, LaMont Jackson and Mike Pagel, to join her on stage. Known for their #PoliceCarKaraoke videos, these officers stood out because, unlike most participants in the viral lip sync challenge, they actually sang their parts live.

Clarkson, impressed by their talents, showcased a snippet of their performance to the audience before inviting them to perform. The officers, in full uniform, confidently took the stage and delivered a soulful rendition of “Stand By Me,” with Clarkson providing background vocals. The crowd responded enthusiastically, singing along and waving their hands in unison, fully embracing the performance.

This event took place during Clarkson’s Meaning Of Life Tour in 2019, where she often highlighted the importance of appreciating law enforcement officers and their daily sacrifices. She used this opportunity to bridge the gap between the community and the police, emphasizing the need for mutual respect and appreciation. Clarkson, having family members in law enforcement, spoke on the significance of understanding the risks officers take and the importance of their roles within communities.

The officers’ appearance on stage not only highlighted their musical talents but also served as a powerful message of unity and respect between the public and law enforcement. Clarkson’s platform provided a unique opportunity to celebrate these officers and their commitment to serving their community, both in their official duties and through their musical talents.

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