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Watch : Jennifer Hudson is an extremely talented singer, and Chris Stapleton has a unique voice like nobody else.

“Jennifer Hudson & Chris Stapleton – Night Life / You Are My Sunshine (CMA Awards 2021) expanded” refers to a performance by Jennifer Hudson and Chris Stapleton at the 2021 Country Music Association awards show. During their performance, they sang two songs: “Night Life” and “You Are My Sunshine”.

Both Jennifer Hudson and Chris Stapleton are well-known singers with impressive vocal abilities. “Night Life” is a classic song originally recorded by country music icon Willie Nelson in 1960. It tells the story of the joys and pains of living a nightlife full of parties and excitement.

“You Are My Sunshine” is another classic song, first recorded in 1939, that has become a beloved standard in American popular music. The song expresses feelings of love and devotion, and its simple melody and lyrics have made it a universal favorite.

The use of the word “expanded” likely means that this performance included additional content beyond just the two songs, possibly extra instrumentation, a longer set or additional performers. Overall, it was likely an impressive performance showcasing the talents of both artists.

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