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His voice stirs deep emotions, leaving me with goosebumps; he’s a real master of song

Scotty McCreery’s “I Love You This Big” swiftly became a defining anthem in country music after its release in May 2011, coinciding with his triumphant win on “American Idol” Season 10. The song, distinguished by McCreery’s rich baritone and heartfelt delivery, immediately endeared him to a wide audience. It debuted at No. 32 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, a record debut for a new country artist since the beginning of Nielsen SoundScan in 1990, and climbed to No. 15, while also peaking at No. 11 on the Billboard Hot 100, showcasing its widespread appeal​​.

Penned by Brett James, Ester Dean, Jay “Saint” Smith, and Lil’ Ronnie Jackson, the lyrics narrate the genuine emotions of young love. McCreery felt a deep connection to the song, finding it relatable to both his personal experiences and the journey with his fans on “American Idol.” The accompanying music video, with its summery, communal vibe, complements the song’s theme of love and connection​​.

Critics praised “I Love You This Big” for its emotional authenticity and McCreery’s mature vocal performance, highlighting the song’s tender opening lines. The arrangement, with its soft steel guitar, provides a comforting backdrop to McCreery’s vocals, adding to the ballad’s sincerity. The song has been recognized for demonstrating McCreery’s artistic potential while resonating strongly with his audience​​.

Achieving Platinum status by the RIAA with over 915,000 units sold in the US, the track confirmed McCreery’s impact on country music and marked a promising start to his career .

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