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Willie Nelson and Keith Richards Performs ”We Had It All”

Great song performed by two masters. It doesn’t get any better than this.

“We Had It All” is a country song originally written by Troy Seals and Donnie Fritts, and it has been recorded by many artists over the years. In 2013, Willie Nelson and Keith Richards teamed up to record a duet version of the song for Nelson’s album “To All the Girls”.

The song is a melancholy ballad that speaks of the pain and regret that come with lost love. Nelson’s and Richards’ voices blend beautifully as they sing of the memories and emotions that linger long after a relationship has ended. Some of the most memorable lyrics from the song include:

“I can still recall the love we found The way it used to be And with every thought of you It comes home again to me”

The song features a simple yet haunting arrangement, with acoustic guitar and subtle percussion providing the perfect backdrop for Nelson’s and Richards’ voices. The lyrics are poignant and bittersweet, capturing the universal experience of lost love.

Nelson and Richards bring their own unique styles to the song, with Nelson’s distinctive phrasing and Richards’ bluesy guitar licks adding depth and emotion to the performance. “We Had It All” is a beautiful and moving duet that showcases the talents of two of the greatest musicians of our time.

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